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Tuesday, October 03, 2006


All growed up ;)

The blog and everything else has moved to The site is setup on Community Server so it's all full featured.

The new rss feed is

Thanks to all who sent in suggestions for hosting.

Friday, September 01, 2006


DVRMSToolbox -

DVRMSToolbox is a set of tools to perform actions on DVRMS files. While DVRMSToolbox is designed to work on Windows Media Center Edition (MCE) PCs, everything but the automated commercial skipping will work on any Windows XP based machine. It will also work on DVRMS files created by Media Portal.

The more useful application of DVRMSToolbox is it's automatic commercial skipping capability. Using this feature (by combining the FileWatcher and the CommercialSkip add-in), Media Center will automatically skip commercials while you are watching the show.

DVRMSToolbox does many more things, like:
- convert to mpeg
- convert to wmv
- cut out commercials
- copy files to a pocket pc
- copy files to a network share, or a different folder on your pc

It comes with a set of default profiles, but also includes tools to create your own profiles with the included actions. Or if you are a developer, you can write your own actions.


- FindCommercials has some added functionality to handle SA hangs
- Only one instance of the FW or FW Service will run
- Changed "Monitor Deletes" behavior. Instead of handling cleanup in realtime, it is now a scheduled process. Frequency and "Watched Folder" inclusion is configured in the settings tool.
- GUI tool is now aware of Semaphore, and will cleanup the lock if DVRMStoMPEG.exe is terminated improperly
- dvrmstoolbox.exe (the folder processing exe) respects /act argument
- fixed a bug in the commercial skip addin that could cause unlimited number of "Cannot skip past end of show" dialogs
- added a missing call to Dispose in the ConvertToWmv action (I had assumed, wrongly, that because dvr2wmv's wrapper had a method "Dispose" that it implemented IDisposable. This should fix "used by another process" issue when using the action.
- renamefile action will remove invalid filename characters
- ShowAnalyzer 0.7.11 included
- Comskip 0.79.53 included



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